About Us 關於我們

Date of establishment 創立日期


Objectives 學會宗旨

  1. To advance the knowledge of Paediatric Palliative Care (PPC)
  2. To endeavor and improve the standard of care of children suffering from life limiting and life threatening conditions
  3. To promote quality of life of children and families requiring PPC
  4. To promote the public awareness of PPC

Constitution 會章

Council Members 理事會成員

Chairman 主席
Dr. Chan Cheong Wai, Stephen 陳昌煒醫生
Vice-Chairman 副主席
Dr. Man Sze Shun, Mandy 文思淳醫生

Hon.Secretary 秘書
Dr. CHAN Chi Ngong, Lawrence 陳子昂醫生

Hon. Treasurer 司庫
Ms. Fong Siu Lai, Sanne 方少麗女士

Council Members 理事

Dr. Li Chak Ho, Rever 李澤荷醫生
(Immediate past Chairman)

Prof. Li Chi Kong 李志光教授

Ms. MOK Oi Ling, Chrysan 莫愛玲校長

Ms. Lin Kwok Yin, Molin 林國嬿女士
Ms. LEE Wan Ming 李韻明女士

Dr. CHENG James Wesley Ching Hei 鄭正禧醫生